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Oct 28, 2013 5:30pm EDT
complete concussion guide at >>> a worker, chris brown lands behind bars, accused of punching a man outside a d.c. hotel l it result in an extended stay in jail. >>> is your child staring at a screen right now? we'll talk about new guidelines recommended for kids and screening time. >> all right. take a look will the disun dock today. it was a case of high thin clouds, no precipitation. temps in the mid-60s. how long can this really hold up as we knock on the door of halloween. your forecast right after this. why choose land o' lakes butter in half sticks? it's pre-measured. fresh tasting. and it's only from land o' lakes. >>> all right. it looks like the bad boy of r&b is at it again. this time chris brown is causing trouble in d.c. >> brown was arrested and accused of assaulting a man over the weekend oar chris brown was due in court today in washington. he is facing a felony assault charge after an early sunday morning incident. recount and a man with him were arrested after allegedly attacking 20-year-old isaac adam parker. park are suffered a bruised
Oct 29, 2013 5:30pm EDT
skillets. [ horse nays in background ] just brown the meat. stir in the noodles, seasoning, then smite them... smite them with the liquid gold until there can be no more smiting. hmmm yes... [ spoken faintly ] liquid gold. >>> if you find out that your favorite store is having a big sale, you may be ready to grab the purse and hit the mall, but some are always having ales. >> if you're a bargain hunt are, that implies a hunt. here are a few stores where if you are not using a coupon, we're doing something wrong. first, macy's. macy's is always on sale, super saturday, arbor day, columbus day. some sales are better than others. some items are excluded. for your average merchandise, a quick check pretty regular yields coupons for around 20% off. as far as i can tell, the full price at banana republic is more of a suggestion. i'm constantly seeing signs with 30% off. if you sign up to receive emails from banana republic, they will sbdz you a special offer. that's a 25% coupon code. you can stack that. bed, bath and beyond, you have to be beyond fool lsh to pay -- foolish to pay full price
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2